Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2013

Gaining Muscle: Motivation Edition

Sometimes dragging your ass to the gym ain't easy.
You woke up early, worked all day, didn't eat much and just want to lay on the couch.
Well sucks to be you.
Did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger worked as a bricklayer while he was training for Mr. Olympia?
Did you know he usually still trained twice a day?
I bet you didn't. So go and move your lazy ass to the gym.

Need more motivation? New studies show that people who rigorously exercise sleep much better than a couch potatoe. ( Source )
Just take a look at the mirror, are you happy? Is that all you want? By doing nothing you won't improve, you will just get weaker.

After doing something four times it becomes a habit. So try to train four days a week always the same days, no excuses. By the end of the first week it's already a habit and you will feel like you lost something if you don't head out to the gym.
Remember your goals. If you followed my other article you will know, you have to keep a constant eye on your goal, or you'll never reach it. So if you still don't have a picture of your goal hanging somewhere visible, the time is now!
There is hardly a better feeling than going to the gym on a day where you thought about skipping, leaving it all at the gym and going home to eat a huge well deserved meal. Trust me on this one.
Recovery tip: Drink a protein shake 30 mins before you sleep, studies show that will help with overnight recovery, which leaves you fresher in the morning. Also since it enhances protein synthesis rate: you'll likely get bigger! ( Source )

4 Simple Tips:

  • Set appointments, everyone got a smartphone now, use the calender app. Set up a GYM appointment, one thats like every other appointment, if you get asked to get a coffee, just say you are sorry but you've got an appointment. Unless it's a hot girl of course.

  • If you find yourself unable to get up from the couch, don't go to the couch. Go to the gym directly after your work. Pack everything you need and don't drive home.

  • Pack food if needed. Eating directly before going to the gym isn't very smart, after eating food your body just wants to digest it, the lazy part of your nerval system takes over, that's why you'll get sleepy after eating a large amount of food. Try to eat at least an hour before going to the gym or if you don't have the time just eat a smaller meal and a protein shake. No reason to drive home to eat anymore.

  • Sleepy? Take some caffeine, or good pre workout supplement like old formula Jack3D. Look for stuff that works at pubmed for example.

Move your ass to the gym, do those heavy ass deadlifts feel great, sleep great.

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