Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013

Gaining Muscle: Arms Edition

Look into the mirror. Go, do it.

You feel like You could use a little more size on the arms? Bigger guns? Don't have the horseshoe triceps yet? Well everyon feels like their arms could use a little more.

What You need, other than chin ups, is a pump. A big ass PUMP in Your arms. All the usual stuff applies of course:

  • You need to eat a lot. Remember ten pounds of muscle gain roughly equals one inch on arms.
  • Train hard, intensity is what counts here, not necessarily the weight You lift.
  • Chase the pump.
  • Contract the muscle at all times, if you train arms it's got to BURN.

When I train arms I'm usually sweaty as hell after just a few sets. 
THAT is the intensity You have to go for. Don't pussy out just cause You nearly cried last time. Big Arms won't come if you don't put everything into it.

You can't forget the basics though, progressive overload, intensity techniques and focus.

For some more insight and an actual training plan use this as a resource: Click Here

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