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Gaining Muscle 101: Get Big!

You want to grow some muscle?
Don't know where to start? Or already experienced and at a plateau?
Here is what I learned in years of training. It might not seem like much but it is crucial information.

First you got to decide what you actually want.
Want to get as big as possible? Want to be stronger than everyone else? Want to get the hottest girls? Just want to get healthy?

You have to choose what you want and then act accordingly.
But the start is the same for all of those categorys.
Set a GOAL, this is the most important step whatever you want. Set a big goal not a small one.
Wanna get as big as Arnold? As lean as a fitness model? Do It!
Get a poster, use a desktop background, you need to be exposed. Constantly have your goal in mind.
After you found a big goal, look what you need to do to reach it. Small steps is the key. And set multiple smaller goals. Grow one inch on your arms, bench ten pounds more, cut the soda. But never ever leave the big one out of sight.

This article is about getting big.
I'm a former skinny dude 6" 135lbs. All my life i had no ounce of muscle, a single pull up was impossible just because i was so very weak. All changed when i set my goal on becoming big.

  • To get big you need to eat big.

This, for some, will be the hardest part. You need to eat more than you do right, and good foods. Don't go to McDonalds because it's easier then cooking a nice meal.

  •  Learn to cook.

There are thousands of recipes online for free. Use your resources, it's cheaper than fast food and you have to eat a lot so it might as well taste good.

  • When training for size do a bodybuilding style split routine.

I know some people say they got huge on strength routines, most of them i know have pretty good genetics for mass. If you're a skinny dude, probably won't be that way.
Important: Still use the big four. You have to Bench, Deadlift, Squat and Overhead Press. Do it for strength, 5 reps for 3 Sets. Do it on training days where it fits. Bench on chest day, squat on leg day etc.
But don't stop here, assistance exercises are what seperates your workout from a strength workout. If you don't train like a bodybuilder, you ain't gonna look like one.

  • Focus on the muscle you're training.

That sounds a bit esoteric now, but trust me on this. It works.
See the muscle work in your mind. Feel the contraction. You have to have a vision of the muscle growing.

  • Educate yourself.

You being here is a good sign, it means you want to learn. Get to the big sites, study articles. Read all you can. Make your on routine.

  • Supplements.

Don't get sucked into the supplement market. Whey and creatine is all you need. Don't buy any more. If you want to evaluate a new supplement, go to pubmed and look for articles on the ingredients, simple as that. Eliminates nearly all those hyped up supplements on the market.

  • Eat.

Can't stress this enough. To grow means eating. A. Lot.

Reach your goal, however small it may be!

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